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ET - Pocket Filter

The ET pocket filters are used for both pre-filtration and fine-filtration, in commercial clean rooms, automotive paint shops, health care facilities, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals etc. The number of pockets and depth of pockets can be varied to meet different air flow requirements.

Mainly these pocket filters will have very less metal part and have highly cost effective construction.

Filter media and construction:

Media type:  Synthetic and glass fibre media.

Frame:  Gl, aluminum, CRCA-powder coated and rarely with plastic frames.

Media edge sealing:  Ultrasonically welded either press type or stitch type and regular stitching.

Construction:  Box type/flange type.

Salient Features:

  • Filter media can be of graded density.
  • Less weight due to less metal portion.
  • Media pocket depth and number of pockets can be optimised based on customer's flow requirement.
  • Ultrasonic welding construction for better leak proof joints.
  • Media selection based on efficiency requirements.
  • Very good temperature withstanding capability upto 100°C and relative humidity of close to 100%.

Main Advantages:

  • Better efficiency and higher dust holding due to graded density construction.
  • Can be designed to suit customer requirements in terms of size and mass flow rate.
  • Efficient filtration can be achieved.
  • Environmental friendly.

Typical filter data for standard filter size as per DIN EN 779

Product selection matrix and potential application area:

ET - Filter Performance