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ET - Pad Filter

The ETPad glass fibre filter series is manufactured from graded density glass fibre filter fleece. This media has higher specific gravity than synthetic fibre. It is available with different levels of compression on clean airside, ranging from G2-G4 (According to DIN EN 779).

The ETPad filters are used in various applications such as oven filters with paint arrester filters and pre-filters in air handling units. These filters come with or without frames.

Filter media and construction:

Media type:  Glass fibre media to suit applications like paint arrester, oven filters, pre-filters in air handling units.

Frame:  Aluminum anodised or non-anodised, Gl, plastic and carton.

Construction:  Box type / Flange type.

Glass fibre media

Salient Features:

  • Can be used for filter class of G2 - G4 as per DIN EN 779.
  • Stable at 100% relative humidity and upto a temperature of 100°C.
  • Metal, plastic and carton frame construction.
  • Graded density media option.
  • Special glass fibre media stable upto 300°C for application in oven in automotive paint shops.

Main Advantages:

  • Very good solution for better dust control.
  • Can be used in aggressive dusty environment.
  • Long useful life.