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ET - Combination Filters

ET-Pre-fine filter is a combination of pre and fine filter. The fabrication of filter frame is a dual one, which houses both pre filter and fine filter.

Filter media and construction:

Media type: Synthetic and glass fibre media combination.

Frame: Gl, aluminum, CRCA-powder coated.

Media edge sealing: Ultrasonically welded either press type or stitch type and regular stitching.

Construction: Box type / flange type - Leak proof.

Salient Features:

  • The filter can be constructed in such a way that pre filter of G3 - G4 and supported by a fine filter of F5 - F9.
  • Very good temperature withstanding capability up to 100°C and relative humidity of close to 100%.

Main Advantages:

  • Filters can be used for various applications, where pre and fine filters are separately used.
  • Environment friendly construction.

Typical filter data for standard filter size as per DIN EN 779

Product selection matrix and potential application area: