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ET - Base Pleat

ET-base pleat filter series are made out of typical cassette type construction. These type of filters are typically used in air handling units of automotive paint shops, shopping malls, pharmaceutical industries, biotech industries, electronics and semi-conductor industries.

Filter media and construction:

Media type:  Synthetic, washable and disposable media.

Frame:  Aluminum anodised or non-anodised, Gl and rarely with plastic frames.

Media edge sealing: End sealing by gluing media and frames.

Construction: Box type /flange type.

Salient Features:

  • Filter media can be washed and cleaned.
  • Filters are made out of metal frames.
  • Filter media is fully bonded with frame.
  • Can withstand upto 100°C.
  • Pleat depth tailored, based on customer specific requirements.

Main Advantages:

  • HDPE with aluminum mesh.
  • Environment friendly construction.
  • Leak proof construction.
  • Robust construction and can be used in worst environmental conditions.

Typical filter data for standard filter size as per DIN EN 779

Product selection matrix and potential application area: