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Clean Room Equipments

We are capable of designing, Building, commissioning, balancing and validating clean room Trunkey projects. We have evolved along with various phases of clean room industry and thoroughly understand the intricacies of qualifying, commissioning and validating the clean rooms in sync with current standards.

Laminar Flow Bench

Laminar flow benches are available in both Horizontal and vertical conditions. This is decided based on the customer process. Flow benches will have fluorescent lights, UV germicidal lights, magnahelic gauge and shutters as standard features.

Filter Cleaning Booth

We are capable of design, building and commissioning of filter cleaning booths. The design is such a way that any size of filter can be fixed in the booth and can be cleaned. Booth will have variable speed blower, where in, air flow can be adjusted based on customer requirements.

Fan Filter Unit

We design, develop and supply Fan filter unit. These units are built as per customer specific requirements. Fan filter units are more suitable where space is a constraint to accommodate conventional duct supply system.

Fume Hoods

We are instrumental in offering a broad assortment of Fume Hoods which is known for its sturdy structure with specialized features. These hoods are designed to contain and exhaust toxic, obnoxious, pungent smelling gasses to protect personnel and equipment in the laboratories. Furthermore, we offer these Fume Hoods at cost effective prices to the users.

Air Shower/ Bio Safety Hoods/ Pass Box

Modular Clean Room